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Newspaper Prints Playground Fundraiser Next to Rocket - Both have something in common.

Jimmy Thompson asks for help in his playground fundraiser and the sweet dog of the week is Rockeet (in the photo) whom is looking for a home - call the Placer SPCA to learn more about this adorable puppy.


Fran Neves supports the LCA Building A Playground Project

Fran Neves (voted Business Woman of the Year in Lincoln, CA by the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce), saw with her own "Eagle Eye" that the Lincoln Newspaper had published an article on the LCA Mustard Seed Building a Playground Project at which time she contacted our staff to make sure we ran out and got a copy for posterity as a reminder that when a community comes together to make things happen for each other, this is when great things happen.

Unfortunately, our local Power Market right off Nicolaus Road, no longer carries any newspapers which made us sad after making a special trip out this morning to purchase a newspaper with the above article featured on Page 2 at the top of the page of the Lincoln News Messenger. We were told by the store's clerk "they no longer carry any newspapers of any kind". Maybe that will change in the future, but for now, the shelves where we used to buy newspapers in print were bare. Keeping this in mind, just look at the little dog of the week "Rocket" in the photo above. Don't you think people are more inspired to help Rocket find a home when looking at him in print, where he stares at you from the newspaper stands, rather than him getting lost in the internet maze on our cell phones.

Printed books and newspapers will always have a special place in our world for those who prefer the tangible over the virtual. Local newspapers are especially important because you know whatever activity is listed in that paper on that stand is going on right around you. And you know Rocket is going to be somewhere close to where you live where you would be more inclined to know more about him and to help him.

What do Rocket and the children's need for a playground in our community here in Lincoln have in common? Rocket needs a loving home and the photo of Rocket is reaching out to the community to help this cute puppy find one. The children in our community need a playground and this article is, once again, reaching out to those right around us to help build this playground.

Please help keep the Lincoln News Messenger as well as other newspapers in our communities in print by subscribing or buying at the news stands. You don't know how much you'll miss something - until it's gone. They are here to benefit us - the people. We all want to be informed.

Jimmy Thompson, Writer

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