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Hoptopia brings us good family fun and "Who is Piper?" you ask.

Welcome to Hoptopia!

Hoptopia is Sacramento's Biggest Easter Event of 2018. This annual gala included, but was not limited to, a huge Easter Egg Hunt that took place at the Placer County Fairgrounds this last Saturday.

The fun featured the coolest bounce houses around, Easter egg hunts every hour, a vast myriad of games, horse rides, rock wall climbing, target throws, water ball running spinners, vendors, great food and lots of fun for the family. All of this was FREE! The only charge was the parking fee, food and vendor products for sale, etc. The garlic fries were the best, the train ride an adventure, and it was especially nice to see an event of this massive size so well received by all the attendees and participants involved. It was probably the largest and most festive Easter event in the Placer and surrounding areas.

(Above Photo: Dinger, Pretty-Potter Tristan, and Piper)

"Piper" is the Lincoln Potter's baseball team Mascot (photo above - big blue bird)

It was obvious Piper is loved by all who stood in line for hugs, eggs and high fives from children and adults of all ages.

A talented and entertaining mascot is the branding and image of any team sport. And these guys (mascots) are what get the crowds engaged and going, especially through the hiccups at any event - turning a sour or dull moment into a crowd applauding - child hugging frenzy. People rush to have their photos taken with Piper as if he were a rock-n-roll star. And yes, I would wait in line for a "Piper" hug and high five as well if only I wasn't tied up myself. :)

Meet up with Piper at one of the next Lincoln Potter baseball games or community events. Just go to the Lincoln Potter's website at

for more information to see what's coming up on their calendar.

Thank you Hoptopia for another year of grandeur Easter Egg hunting and celebration!

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