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Building a Playground for the Children

Among The Trees

Advocating building playgrounds around existing trees - coexisting in harmony with their beauty, shade and clean air.



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"This is an exciting time to be a part of LCA! We have a new home, a new name and a renewed vision to impact the children in our community. Our move to 1200 Hwy. 193, in Lincoln, CA, has provided the necessary room for growth which is instrumental in achieving our goal. As exhilarating as all these changes are, it is important to remember our roots and the part they continue to play in who we are today. Our roots began over twenty years ago in the heart of a passionate educator, Becky Romness, who felt the Lord calling her to start CCS where our future leaders would receive not only the academic training of reading, writing and arithmetic, but also character development. She believed that the character of these young students could be shaped to lead the coming generations in our community and in our world, with integrity. We are initiating the LCA Mustard Seed Building a Playground Project program to help us prepare this facility for the children in our community that need a safe place to learn and play. With your help, we can build a playground and future soccer field open to the entire community for countless children to enjoy!"

~ Mrs. Tandy, LCA Principal


  • Playground Structures - Approximate cost $30,000

  • Additional costs will include the installation cost of the playground equipment with proper drainage, grading, playground bark. 

Lincoln Christian Academy

About this Fundraiser 

Above photo: The prickly weeds and uneven mounds prohibit the kids from playing outside. 

                 The playground equipment arrived at our site. We unloaded it and we're ready to build!


All are welcome to help us with the build! Thank you for your support!  

Above photo: Without a playground, the children will play in the parking lot during recess and lunch breaks.  

Click Here

to watch a recent video taken of the children playing in the parking lot during recess.  In the summer, the pavement gets super hot and the parking lot can be very dangerous. Please help us build a playground for these kids.

Please email Mrs. Tandy at if you have extra shovels and other tools needed for the community build.

Phase 1: Purchase Playground Structures


We have a total budget goal of approximately $30,000 for the main Playground Features we'd like to add to the school property through this fundraising effort listed on our Equipment Page.




  • After purchasing the playground pieces listed on the equipment page above, we will prepare the site areas for these pieces to be installed in 4 specified locations already assessed and measured on the property.  It will take approximately 6 weeks for the shipment of each item to arrive on the property.  Early Spring (May of 2018) is the planned date to order the playground pieces.   


Phase 2:  Preparing the site location for the Play Systems

  • Grading, leveling and preparing the grounds for the playground equipment pieces to be installed as well as the safety surface implementation. 

Phase 3: Installation


  • The estimated budget for the equipment installation which includes the  safety ground surfacing (wood fiber), plastic borders to contain the surfacing, and the playground structures and ADA ramps established under the supervision of a certified playground foreman through a community build is $15,000.00.  This is the most affordable solution for this project - incorporating a community build team.  We are hoping to find a group of tradesman builders who will volunteer their time on this project as well as In-Kind Sponsors who would like to donate wood fiber chips for the playground safety floor, labor and tools/equipment needed for the job.

$ 30,000


For transparency of our fundraiser, we will keep the tally of how much we earn for the public to see below.  

$$$    FUNDED   $$$ 


Be a "Lasting Legacy" for our children in the community.

Only with your help, can we move this mountain!

"Hear Me" - An original and exclusive song download written and recorded by a few high school CCS Alumni and Dedicated to the school's Founder, Becky Romness, and to all those whom we've loved greatly, and lost through the years, yet their spirit soars in our hearts forever and we know they are in a better place watching over us. This heartfelt musical piece was several years in the making, encompassing great love, great loss, hardship, hope and faith in what is not seen - but rather what is believed. It is in the process of being recorded and donated specifically for the LCA Mustard Seed Building a Playground Project ~ Moving Mountains! You will only find it right here, through the school via this fundraising effort. You can read more about the school's "legacy" here.

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Thank You So Very Much!

LCA is a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation (Tax ID 68-0419684)
"Whatever you are inspired to do to help us move this mountain,
our entire community will be eternally grateful..."
Important! When the funds for this project have been raised and the building and installation of the playground equipment in place, the key leaders who moved this mountain for the children will be posted on an "Acknowledgement Page" as well as an article written up on our "Media and News" Blog page that will be permanently displayed on this site as well as other prominent locations. News Media opportunities for these businesses and/or individuals will be available as well.  But most importantly, this playground will be built because of people like you.  Without compassion, generosity and an open heart, projects like this would never come into fruition. The children are our future - and supporting them in their youth is supporting ourselves as they become the caretakers and decision makers for our own welfare in their adulthood.
* And, anonymous donations are always welcome! :)  Some people prefer to be the silent heroes who make things happen for others and this is a beautiful trait!
Jimmy's playground - Lincoln Christian Academy
17 year old Jimmy Thompson - Founder & Director of Playground Project

The students, from both past and present years, stepped in to make this online fundraising project happen so that other children and their families in the community could have a playground at the school for the children to enjoy as well as starting an online fundraising presence to assist the process of renovating our school so we can continue to grow and provide a nurturing environment. 

Jimmy's Playground
Jimmy's Playground - Jimmys playground

Getting in touch with us!

Questions About the Playground?

We will respond to your email as soon as possible to answer any questions, along with a variety of payment options for your donation which will include Paypal, credit cards and debit cards and personal checks made out to LCA. Thank you so much!  :)

Hand made crafts by the students will be awarded

to the highest contributors!  :)

Thanks! Message sent.

Kickstarter Rewards Coming Soon!
LCA Students - Preschool through 8th
Jimmy Thompson - Original Art - Framed Art Feathers & Flowers.jpg
CLOSING PHOTO FINALE - Together we can move mountains
LCA-Kids-4-first day of school
Jimmy Thompson - Director of Mustard Seed Project - LCA - Lion-head-cropped-purple-back-final - Pam
IMG_6718 - Note cards title
Student's signing their artwork.
Jimmy Thompson - Original Art -Tree Cutout final
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