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The Daetwiler's at Simply Nutrition bring health awareness to Lincoln, CA

Simply Nutrition Shannan and Jason Daetwiler Lincoln, CA

It was LIVE and in person - my walk through this last weekend during the Simply Nutrition's second anniversary celebration hosting a VIP experience for customers including free gift bag giveaways, face paintings, chair massages, a coloring contest for the kids, Potter's tickets awarded, Piper the Peacock hugs and photo opportunity, live music, San Francisco Bay Coffee Trolley served and sincere community involvement with great interest in improving the quality of their lives through a balanced diet that included not only following a healthy lifestyle (both mentally and physically) but a focus on what we put in our bodies daily.

Simply Nutrition Shannan and Jason Daetwiler face painting

Simply Nutrition with Piper the Peacock Potter Mascot

Piper the Peacock (above) mingled with patron's and had concerns about his own diet of cheese, cat food and hot dogs.

The name says it all - Simply Nutrition - keeping our foods and supplements "simple" and pure as they naturally occur through nature. The basic core nutrients a human body needs is everything when it comes to not just survival, but to thriving and preventing illnesses from getting a start in our bodies. Taking preventative measures to keep our body functioning at optimal levels combats irregularities and abnormalities leading to disease and fatigue and great health is something we all can achieve through a little discipline and desire to make that change for the better today.

I've been to several other large health food chain stores in the surrounding areas as well as in Lincoln and found Simply Nutrition to be a refreshing and honest "go to" health food store for the Lincoln residences. It is a family run store (the Daetwiler's) who have an honest and sincere approach to helping each person with finding what's right for them personally. One size does not fit all with them. They ask you knowledgeable questions about your unique chemistry and health history before suggesting any options. The Daetwiler's suggest what's right for you, and not what's the most profitable item on the shelf. That was the one major point I made note of during my visit to their store that really impressed me.

They checked the expiration dates for customer's to make sure no one had to make a return visit or ingested a bad product (like I've experienced from other nutritional stores that grabbed things off the shelf for me without double checking my health history or the expiration dates). The Daetwiler's and their staff all seemed to really want to know about 'you' and were on a first name basis with many of their customers.

Long story short - good health and a place to find it through nutrition and supplements is right around the corner. You don't have to drive to Roseville or Rocklin any more. And the bike (walking) trails all along Ferrari Ranch Road leading up the many small communities in the Lincoln area are the next step (no pun intended! :) in the right direction.

Hope to see you on the bike trails!

What: Best Local to Lincoln Health and Nutrition Store

Where: 855 Twelve Bridges Dr. #155 Lincoln, CA 95648

When: Hours – 10am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat, CLOSED Sun

Jason Daetwiler and daughter at Simply Nutrition Lincoln CA

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