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Lincoln Hills Community Church Women's Ministry moves mountains in the community.

Lincoln Hills Community Church LCA Playground Sponsors

A huge heartfelt "Thank You" goes out to the Women's Ministry at the Lincoln Hills Community Church for their donations of $1,200.00 raised through the Ladies Mugs and Muffin raffle as well as their $1,000.00 donation from the Christmas Tea Raffle earlier on in the year which they also donated towards the LCA Mustard Seed Building a Playground Project. The Lincoln Christian Academy students from 6th through 8th grades were honored to serve the ladies at this event and really enjoyed the festivities, genuine fellowship throughout the event, fun raffles, guest lecturers as well as the lead speakers who handled the raffle announcements and the fabulous muffins of all shapes and sizes for all tastes.

What I learned about the Lincoln Hills Community Church was much. They organize several social events throughout the year to bring people together through fellowship and focused causes which have a definite positive impact on their surroundings and in many peoples lives. The women prepare and pack meals for families in times of great need and hardship as well as creating an environment that reaches out into the community with open arms, and does not isolate themselves in any way. They don't want to ever be the best kept secret in Lincoln, but rather want to be the open doors to everyone in the community looking for a place to call their own.

LHCC provides a safe haven so to speak, to find friendship, support in spiritual faith as well as encouragement and comfort through adversity and difficult times on many levels.

The kinship is very real and inspiring at LHCC. I had never experienced such an overwhelming amount of caring and support for each other through any other entity during the last few years while working on the playground project efforts. It was mind boggling how a large group of people I had never met before, and whom many were attending the event for the first time themselves, got along so well and were hushed and respectful during the lectures that took place, keeping everyone's attention with exceptionally talented and inspirational delivery - you could hear a pin drop. Everyone asked each other what they could do for the other person - how they themselves could be of service to anyone that needed a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, or more serious support. When in other venues I've been to recently, it's all about "What can you do for me first."

A sense of belonging - LHCC gives you that connection. It is an especially good place to start if you are new to the area, retired or just wanting to meet others in the community to see what's going on in other peoples lives and to share your own with others. It's a safe platform that is warm and inviting as well as educational. At the last event I attended put on by LHCC, I found the attendees were from all over the world and many had recently moved to Sun City Lincoln Hills. They heard about the Women's Ministry and their curiosity brought them in where they were asked to sit at a table with many other friendly faces to get acquainted and you would never have guessed who was the new face at the table versus the veterans. They all blended in like long-time friends. I would guess when you've experienced a lot in life, you have plenty to share and everyone loves a good story and we all have one to tell.

Share your life experiences with others. Make a difference in another persons life which will in turn add a higher quality and purpose in your own. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and enjoy the journey along the way. Indulge in sharing and caring, laughter and friendship, and making changes for the better in yourself which will affect those around you. We have one life to live here on earth until we move on to the next. Make it the best you can while you can.

Janet Jabri organizes the raffle baskets for the LHCC events. She is always available to answer any questions about anything and everything. (above photo right)

(Above photo) If you have any jewelry you'd like to donate (where a clasp is broken or link has fallen off or you just don't wear it anymore and would like to donate it to the Women's Ministry, they will fix the jewelry piece and sell it during one of their next events as shown above. All proceeds go towards charitable causes. And the women love going through all the new pieces. It was a highlight at the Mugs and Muffins gathering.

Please come join us!

950 East Joiner Parkway in Lincoln, CA 95648

Phone: 916-408-3800

Pastor: Dr. Mike Bradaric

Leadership Team

Event Coordinators:

Janet Hamil

Rett Haworth

Director of Women's Ministries - Lissi Bedford

Assistant: Beth Barnes

Treasurer: Janet Pinnell

Advisor: Diane Bradaric

Publicity: Bonnie King and Carol Glaush

Click on the link below to see the times and dates for upcoming social events! We'd love to see you there! :)

Lincoln Hills Community Church Jimmy Thompson Playground project

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