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Milestones - What we accomplished with your help! 

Hot pavement and dangerous parking lot
Muddy grounds = muddy shoes and hands

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to watch a recent video taken of the children playing in the parking lot during recess.  In the summer, the pavement gets super hot and the parking lot can be very dangerous. Please help us build a playground for these kids.

The above photos were recently taken of where the children play during recess and lunch time outdoors (parking lot and muddy grounds). The asphalt gets super hot in the summer which forces the children indoors. The rain muddy's the grounds which forces them indoors as well.  

With your help, this will be transformed into a fun playground the children in the community will enjoy for years to come.  

Taking measurements for future playground
Final diagram of playground constructed to fit perfectly at proposed site location at 1200 CA-193 in Lincoln, CA

Come join the Lincoln Potter's Baseball Team 

as they build the children's playground just before they head out to the baseball field at McBean Park for their

opening game night of the season.

Watch it all live and give Piper a high five! 

Budget Status

Recently acquired - These people brought it home:


Thank you to Mark Luster and Sierra Pacific Foundation for your support and sponsorship!



Playground Installation: Bought!

Thank you to the In-kind sponsorship donated by the Lincoln Potter's Baseball team, Piper the Peacock, the LCA parents, families, staff, students and community businesses on call.



Land Preparation: Bought!

Thank you to Verde Creations for your In-kind sponsorship on preparing the grounds and play structure designs!!

Certified Playground Foreman: Bought!

Thank you to the Women's Ministry at the Lincoln Hills Community Church!

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