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Jimmy Thompson asks for help in his playground fundraiser

"Please help us build a playground for the children in Lincoln, CA” is Lincoln teen Jimmy Thompson’s call for help from his community.

Thompson has formed a fundraiser ( to help his former school, Lincoln Christian Academy, build a new playground at its new location.

The relocation left the preschool and kindergarten with no playground, Thompson said, and he wants to help. Thompson said Lincoln Christian Academy had a huge impact on him, including his family life. Lacking a large family, Thompson made friends with his peers and staff. In addition, staff helped him cope when his grandmother died. It was his turn to give back, according to Thompson, as the values and relationships gained there will stay with him forever.

In addition to his own ties with the school, Thompson’s little brother, Joey Thompson, attends this playground-less school, thus giving Thompson another reason to aid in building a playground.

“I recalled when I was a kid that the one thing that I loved about being at school,” Thompson said, “(was) recess, chasing my friends and getting out of the classroom into the fresh air and running up and down the bars and flying over the slides. Physical activity was just as important as academics in a child’s world as well as its long-term effects on health into adulthood.”

So far, Thompson has raised $10,000 out of his $30,000 goal.

“We are hoping a few of the businesses or leaders in the community would hear about the children's need for a playground,” Thompson said, “and would have the heart to lend us a helping hand with the installation costs as well as the remaining cost ($20,0000) to purchase the playground structures on our wish list.”

To help this fundraiser, donate to or contact Thompson at


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Lincoln Christian Academy playground

Jimmy Thompson

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