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Auburn Country Christmas - Where quaint cobblestone sidewalks, old buildings out of a Charles Dicken

Jimmy's playground - Old Town Auburn Country Christmas - Jimmys Playground

Christmas was found in the heart of Auburn. Especially at the Old Town Auburn Country Christmas held every year two weekends in a row in the month of December. So much to see - so much to do. The air was crisp and clear with the hot, freshly popped Kettle Corn finding its way through my nostrils once more. Ahhhh .... The Manzanita music band played Eagles cover songs along with many other country-rock-crossover shoe tapping styles that made the night good old fashioned fun. Santa Clause had his very own stage where children waited hours in line to see him and have their photos taken. I tipped the Manzanita guitarist in his opened guitar case and he nodded 'a "Thank you!". I didn't have the courage to interrupt his song to ask for an autograph. But in case you're reading this blog Mr. Manzanita - You're absolutely the best! The LCA Mustard Seed Building a Playground booth brought in $1,600 tonight. Thank you little town of Auburn for supporting our fundraiser.

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