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Lincoln Business Honored for Exemplary Service! Awarded "Best of the Best" since their in

Generally speaking, from the run of the mill business motto, it takes 2-3 years for any business just starting out to just stay in business and longer to thrive. One third of new businesses don’t make it past the two-year mark according to a study by the Small Business Administration in the US.

But in this case, Jennifer M. Jensen and Margaret R. Smith of Jensen Smith Certified Public Accountants opened up their doors for business in Lincoln, CA, in 2005 and in just one year, they became the Best of the Best every single year from 2007 through 2017. Who does that? I'd say only the Best of the Best. Really. I don't want to jinx their business by writing this article, but rather want to thank them for setting a stellar example for the rest of us who secretly yearn to be the best business around and are lucky enough to receive this honor for even a single year. There's a reason Jennifer Jensen and her partner in crime, Lisette Hutchens who joined the team in 2008, have been chosen as the Best of the Best since the beginning of their business venture:

"I am about the biggest pain in the butt client to accountants that an office can mis-fortune of getting as a client. As a result, in 30 years I have never kept an accountant for more then 2 seasons. Jennifer, with Jensen-Smith is the exception to the rule. I have been dealing with her since 2005 and have no plans of ever finding another accountant.She and her staff are awesome as people go, and even better as an accountancy firm. I would strongly recommend them to anyone no matter if you are a single person who just needs a quick return or a large corporation, you will not find a more dedicated firm anywhere. They are even very reasonable on pricing and my returns are a pain- self employed income, social security disability, rental property and medical expenses. Complicated return but they do it and they never complain as I'm not the most organized person." David C. Auburn, CA

Jennifer Jensen has been on many boards in Lincoln, contributing her time, her knowledge, resources and services to our community in her sincere interest and effort to keep others afloat. And this I know from my own personal experience with her. She is as ethical, professional and compassionate as any person can be and her word is as good as gold.

I would have to say her only flaw, as some business people focused solely on profit may suggest, would be that she gives too much too often without expecting the same in return. But that, in my personal opinion, is just one of the many reason why her business has been voted the Best of the Best in Lincoln since the beginning. It's not just all about the business with her. It's about the person as well. And she obviously is paid dividends through her goodwill and principled business practices.

Location: 661 5th Street, Ste. 101, Lincoln, CA 95648


(916) 434-1662 Fax (916) 434-1090

Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

Saturdays by Appointment

Closed Sundays

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Photo: Jennifer M. Jensen, CPA, Founding Principal of Jensen Smith Certified Public Accountants

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