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Winner of the 1st Happy Harvest Candy Giveaway!

Steven Mauch is the winner of the "1st Happy Harvest Candy Jar Guessing Giveaway" sponsored by the LCA Mustard Seed Project Fundraiser - Phase 1: Building a Playground. At our booth setups at various local events, we will have on display a new, one-of-a-kind candy jar awarded at each event where people can come by the booth and 'guess' how many pieces of candy are in the jar to win it. This is a free game to enter, and all "guessers" have an equal chance at winning. If we have a tie, we will 'draw' a name out of a hat to pick the winner. These jars make beautiful gifts, especially with the holidays upon us. This jar being proudly held by the winner doubles as a beverage dispenser with a crafty silver spout. All donations received through these candy jar giveaways will go towards building a playground at the new LCA location at 1200 CA-193, Lincoln, CA 95648

If anyone knows of any local events in the area or other cities nearby where we can set up a booth and promote our fundraiser for building a playground the children in the community, please contact me through this website on the home page. Thank you so much! Jimmy T.

Please look for the LCA Mustard Seed Project Fundraiser booth at various events in Sacramento, Davis, Citrus Heights, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay and Folsom, CA areas.

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