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History of CCS - Now LCA (Lincoln Christian Academy). Founders Bob and Becky Romness.


Jimmy's Playground - Lincoln Christian Academy

In a true community, people are willing to make sacrifices for the good of everyone - especially the children whom will be our leaders of tomorrow. We certainly have seen that at LCA (CCS) which started as a “one-room school house” in 1995 with one teacher, and fourteen students in grades Kindergarten through Fourth. The founders, Bob and Becky Romness, provided the startup money. Over the years, with the help of our school staff, school parents, school board members and many other individuals from the community, we have been able to build both the attendance and facilities at LCA (CCS). Several decades later, the mission remains the same, and now what started as a heart beat, has become a legacy. And we take Becky's memory and her warrior spirit with us as we continue her mission to shape the coming generations in our community with solid biblical principles as a foundation with Christian values. One of her favorite quotes "It is what goes on 'inside' our school that makes all the difference in the lives of future Leaders." Small class sizes, and positive role models provide the right environment for students to maximize their learning. Dedicated teachers and challenging curriculum encourage children to reach their academic potential. A well-developed physical education program helps young people learn healthy habits and how to achieve success by being a part of a team. Public speaking and an appreciation of God's world through performing arts and fine arts, build confidence in students. Learning to apply Christian values to everyday situations give children self-respect as well as respect for others and the community.

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