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It was LIVE and in person - my walk through this last weekend during the Simply Nutrition's second anniversary celebration hosting a VIP experience.

March 23, 2018

Generally speaking, from the run of the mill business motto, it takes 2-3 years for any business just starting out to just stay in business and longer to thrive.  One third of new businesses don’t make it past the two-year mark according to a study by the Sma...

Fran Neves (Business Woman of the Year in Lincoln, CA) saw with her own "Eagle Eye" that the Lincoln Newspaper published an article on the LCA Mustard Seed Building a Playground Project right next to Rocket, the cute Puppy needing a home. What do Rocket and t...

When Lincoln Christian Academy in Lincoln moved to a new building, they got more space. But what the school is still missing is a playground. 17 year old Jimmy Thompson, and former student, tries to fix that.

Mrs. Tandy and Jimmy Thompson interviewed by Good Day Sacramento, Chanel 13 on the Playground Project.

November 2, 2017

You could be a winner too! Look for our booths in your area and at various events! We will have one-of-a-kind candy jar awards at each event where people can 'guess' how many pieces of candy are in the beautiful jars. Free admission to play. Each candy jar give...

October 22, 2017

LCA hosted a BBQ Cook Off to Celebrate our Communities First Responder's to emergencies - our Firemen and Law Enforcement. It was wonderful to see everyone from all over the community at this event.

October 17, 2017

In a true community, people are willing to make sacrifices for the good of everyone - especially the children whom will be our leaders of tomorrow. We certainly have seen that at LCA (CCS) which started as a “one-room school house” in 1995 with one teacher, and fourtee...

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